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Western Games Event

Western Games Event - Tuesday at 6pm

The Western Games Department is a unique event at our fair that is commonly referred to as a horse and rider "playday" or "gymkhana" that includes speed racing events in three patterns for age groups from youth to adult. There are three patterns in which riders compete for fast times: Cloverleaf Barrel Pattern, Pole Bending (a weaving pattern) and Idaho Figure 8 (a figure eight pattern).

The Western Games department awards ribbons as well as prizes and swag. Come watch an exciting, fast paced "play day" between horse and rider at the Bill Conboy Arena on Tuesday night of the fair week. Horses love to hear a good crowd as much as riders do!

EVENT BEGINS Tuesday 6pm

AWARDS Friday 3pm

PARADE OF CHAMPIONS Saturday 11:45am


Western Games Exhibitors Information

To learn more about how to enter Western Games, view, download or print the Livestock Exhibitors Guidebooks by tapping or clicking on the PDF links below (TBD) in whole or by Department. Entry forms, deadlines, information, policies, rules and general schedules are included.
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