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The Fairboard Welcomes You

2023 Fairboard

2023 Klickitat County Fairboard

The Klickitat County Fairboard welcomes you! 

We would like to welcome everyone to the Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo.
It is the desire of the Board of Directors of the Fair and all departments and committee volunteers to provide you, the exhibitors and guests, an educational and enjoyable time at the fair. If you have not exhibited at the fair in the past, we would encourage you to do so this year. You will find it very educational and rewarding.

Our goal is to provide a well-rounded number of exhibit opportunities. It also is our desire to provide educational, as well as entertaining, exhibits and displays.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the superintendents, committee chairpersons and volunteers who make the Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo possible. Without all these special volunteers, our fair would not be able to continue to grow to be one of the best events in Klickitat County year after year.

We personally would like to invite everyone to take part in the competitions, exhibits, and activities of the Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo.

2023 FairBoard Members

President Ron Ihrig

Vice President Debbie Woodward
Vice President Helen Rolfe
Treasurer Cynthia Bruce
Secretary Margaret Throop
Member At Large Brandy Myers
Member At Large Erik Beasley

Member At Large Kelsey Endicott

Member At Large Jed Garcia
Member At Large Angie Greenwood
Member At Large Emily Gehrig

Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo Aims & Goals

1. To promote, develop, exhibit and improve the wholesome values of agriculture, livestock production, business, industry, and home life of the people of Klickitat County.

2. To furnish education and training opportunities in such areas as demonstrations, contests, and judging and to help with the building of good fellowship, good sportsmanship, and good citizenship of young and old.

3. To encourage everyone in the area to attend and participate in their County Fair.

4. To provide a good quality and variety of entertainment for the whole family.

5. To give rural organizations, our youth and adult citizens an opportunity to exhibit in friendly competition.

6. To raise revenues for the County Fair’s operation and to use these revenues to help improve the quality of our fair.

7. To develop sound short- and long-range plans for the Fair’s future growth.

8. To protect the exhibits and facilities from damage and to provide for the safety of the exhibitor and the general public attending the County Fair.

9. To provide a place where all people from all walks of life can gather at one time in a spirit of joy and brotherhood.


WSU Klickitat County Extension Director: Hannah Brause
4-H Program Manager: Harley Clever
FFA Advisors:
Goldendale: Randi & Josh Krieg
White Salmon: Emily Gehrig


Admissions: Ron Ihrig
Advertising: Helen Rolfe & Jay Jauken
Box Seats: Erika Beasley & Tracy King
County Team Roping: Kristin Chambers
Exhibitors Guidebook: Sara Link
Food & Commercial Booths: Crystal Scott & Randi Gray
Friends of the Fair:
Grand Marshal: Brandy Myers
Grounds: Jed Garcia
Grounds Entertainment: Ray Lemley
Market Stock Sale: Helen Rolfe & Greg Gallagher
Parade: Pat Shamek & Julie Vance
Parking & Camping: Erik & Erika Beasley
Queen Coordinator: Amanda Chambers
Ranch Sorting: Angie Counts
Rodeo: Marty Hudson & Bruce Davenport
Social Media: Amanda Chambers
Sponsorships: Brandy Myers
Team Penning & Branding: Lonnie Myers & Kane Thiele

General Superintendents

Livestock: Jay Jauken
Exhibit Building: Margaret Throop, Luann Whitmire, Jennifer Wilson

Livestock Superintendents

Beef & Dairy Cattle: Keith Kreps
Dairy, Market & Fiber Goats: Sonya Shields
Dogs: Nancy Minne
Horses: Erika Beasley
Market Stock Sale: Greg Gallagher
Rabbits, Poultry & Cavies: Mary & Josie Hunt
Sheep: Billi Bare & Pam Beierle
Swine: Sara Link
Western Games: Jackie Dumolt & Gabby Dumolt

Exhibit Building Superintendents

Crops/Horticulture: Debbie Woodward
Hay and Grain King: Kristin Chambers
Fleece/Fiber: Janet Town
Flowers: Nola Ray
Food Preservation: Renea Campbell
Baking: Donna Scarola
Sewing/Needlework: Patti McKern
Quilts: Dixie Kelley
Needlework: Patti McKern
Fine Arts: Laurie O’Leary
Photography: Dan Duggan
Crafts/Hobbies/Ceramics: Jennifer Wilson
Booths: Luann Whitmire
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