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2023 Department Contacts

Name / Department Department / Name Phone Email
President Ron Ihrig 509-250-2699 rlihrig@gorge.net
Vice President Debbie Woodward 509-364-3526 Home Cell 541-792-1802 rodeoinglenwood@gmail.com
Vice President Helen Rolfe 509-250-2395 rolfehelen@yahoo.com
Treasurer Cynthia Bruce 509-314-9102 cynthialynae11@gmail.com
Secretary Margaret Throop 509-364-3350 Home
Member At Large Brandy Myers 509-948-0369 bfdaven@hotmail.com
Member At Large Erik Beasley 509-250-2844 esbelb@gmail.com
Member At Large Kelsey Endicott 541-980-5638 kelseye@simcoeinsurance.com
Member At Large Jed Garcia 509-250-2100
Member At Large Angie Greenwood 541-980-6131 angieg@windermere.com
Member At Large Emily Gehrig 541-308-6765 emily.gehrig@whitesalmonschools.org
Livestock Superintendent Jay Jauken 541-980-0535 jaukenangus@gmail.com
Still Life Superintendent Margaret Throop 509-364-3350 Home
Beef Keith Kreps 541-490-5502
Sheep Pam Beierle & Billi Bare Pam 509-250-0363 Billi 509-314-8527
Swine Sara Link 509-250-2299
Horses Erika Beasley 509-250-3146 esbelb@gmail.com
Dairy / Non Dairy Goats Sonya Shields 509-774-8112
Mini Horses
Rabbits / Poultry Small Animal Josie Hunt 509-261-2416
Dogs Nancy Minnie 509-250-1623 sturmomi2002@yahoo.com
Western Games Jackie Dumolt 509-261-1161 mjdumolt@gmail.com
Hay/Grain King Kristen Chambers 509-250-0730
County 4H Director Hannah Brause 541-740-1713
4H Program Manager Harley Clever 509-774-7600 harley.clever@wsu.edu
FFA Advisor Josh/Randi Kreig and Emily Gehrig Josh 509-936-1512
Friends of Fair
Rodeo Marty Hudson 509-250-0810 martyh@klickitatcounty.org
Queen Cordinator Amanda Chambers 509-366-0509 afoley09@gmail.com
Entertainment Ray Lemley 509-250-1170 lemleyray@gmail.com
Admissions Ron Ihrig 509-250-2699 rlihrig@gorge.net
Market Stock Sale Helen Rolfe & Greg Gallagher 509-250-2395 Helen rolfehelen@yahoo.com
Advertising Helen Rolfe & Jay Jauken 509-250-2395 Helen Jay 541-980-0535
Team Penning / Branding Lonnie Myers Kane Thiele
Ranch Sorting Angie Counts 509-261-2216
Food / Commercial Booths Crystal Scott 509-250-3400 cscott3390@yahoo.com
Randi Gray 541-980-6440 noahrandigray@yahoo.com
Sponsorship Brandy Myers 509-948-0369 bfdaven@hotmail.com
Camping / Parking Erik & Erika Beasley 509-250-2844 Erik Erika 509-250-3146
Parade Pat Shamek
Grand Marshall Brandy Myers 509-948-0369 bfdaven@hotmail.com
Premium Book Sara Link 509-250-2299
Website Kacie Bane
Insurance Kelsey Endicott 541-980-5638 kelseye@simcoeinsurance.com
Ag Booth Danielle Olson
Fair Hotels Kelsey Endicott 541-980-5638 kelseye@simcoeinsurance.com
Garbage Dumpster / Republic
Beautification Nola Ray 307-277-7645
Livestock Judging Martin Taylor 509-250-0571
Professional Service Contracts Brandy Myers 509-948-0369 bfdaven@hotmail.com
Box Seats Erika Beasley & Tracy King 509-250-3146 Tracy 509-261-2823
Grounds Jed Garcia 509-250-2100
Social Media Amanda Chambers 509-366-0509 afoley09@gmail.com

Contact Us

Mailing: POB 223, Goldendale, WA 98620
Fair Office (answering during fair week): 509-773-3559
FairBoard General Board Meetings - Held at the Fairgrounds
Open to the Public on the Third Tuesday of each month (except December).


903 Fairgrounds Rd
Goldendale, WA 98620

POB 223, Goldendale, WA 98620
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