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Team Roping Event

Bernice Thiele Memorial Team Roping Event



Kristin Chambers | 509.250.0730 | chambers5024@gmail.com

  • Roping Format: Pick 1/Draw 1
  • Entry Fees: $38/person $76/team
  • Contestants must be residents of Klickitat County
  • Entry Form & Release of Liability: COMING SOON
  • Entry Forms Deadline: July 19, 2024
Mail Checks Payable to Klickitat County Fair to:
Bernice Thiele Memorial Team Roping
PO. Box 53, Goldendale, WA 98620

  1. Standard team roping rules apply.
  2. Three legal head catches and must be faced and tight for a flag.
  3. Barrel roping–you must go around the barrel or it will be a no time.
  4. Roping open to KLICKITAT COUNTY RESIDENTS only. Participants must have been county residents at least 90 days prior to fair. If participants are college students whose parents are Klickitat County residents, they may participate as county residents the same year following their college graduation. A current local driver's license is used to determine residency.
  5. Pay-off is split two places in the first go-round and two places in the second go-round, paying $50/man for first and $25/man for second.
  6. Average is paid 40-30-20-10 percent if over 25 teams.
  7. Each team roping two steers will rope a third and final steer.
  8. Second go will start half the number of teams down the list from start of first go-round.
  9. One third of the total entry fees is taken out to pay stock charges.
  10. Western attire must be worn in order to rope. Improper dress will result in a no-time.
  11. If there is a dispute, a team must present their current driver's license to the pay window to collect their winnings. If the person cannot produce a driver's license that person forfeits winnings and entry fees. Kids may use their ASB cards if they do not have a driver's license.
  12. In case of dispute, a decision is made by a three-person Review Board consisting of Brad Cameron, Mike Thiele and Dale Thiele.

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