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Meet the Queen


Growing up in Goldendale, I have experienced the fair every year for as long as I can remember. I have memories of waking up early to wash and feed my lambs and running through the grandstands with my friends to watch the rodeo eating our third hatch of curly fries. These are the memories that have always meant "Fair," as well as "Family."

Goldendale High School's Head Football Coach, Aaron Cochran, has reformed the football program, and the key word in it is "Family." From singing "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers, to friendly competition on the field, they've grown together as a family. This is what I see when I am walking the pavement at the Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo. I see kids running, adults visiting, the football team cleaning up the garbage bins, and the food trucks serving the community. People call each other on a first name basis, always in friendship and kindness. I have always looked forward to seeing all the smiling faces and their prime show animals; some of these exhibitors I only see during fair time. These people are the "Family" of Klickitat County, and l'd like to share my family with you. I hope to see all of you there for a week of fun!

The fair week starts off strong with the horse department on the 17th, and they will compete throughout the week. Livestock hauls in on Wednesday. These exhibitors will show their home-grown animals and compete in classes in the Livestock Barns. The animals will be sold at the Market Stock Sale on Saturday night. This will help fund future projects for the exhibitors and go into their college funds. The Still Life Department will be active all week, from displaying baking to photography, as well as gardening and handmade crafts. The NPRA rodeo is on Saturday at 12:30pm and Sunday at 1pm. Come see me in the Downtown Parade on Saturday at 10am!

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