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The Klickitat County Fairboard has approved using pine shavings as a bedding option in 2017. There will be a small amount of straw available for use, if you are concerned about allergic reactions with your animal and the pine. Remember if you plan on using shavings you will need apple pickers and shovels rather than pitchforks. The shavings will be in 10 cubic foot bags, for ease of carrying. If you have any questions contact your Superintendent.

The Sheep and Goat departments

The Sheep and Goat departments are excited to share some changes this year:

Sheep and Goats will be housed in the same area of the Livestock barn this year. Pigs will be housed where the goats were last year. The barn has been given a new makeover which includes new floors and new metal pens. With these new pens, we will need to make some changes in how feeders/waters and decorations are placed. The pens have vertical bars that attached to single top-rail bar. Many of us had feeders that we could attach or lay over the old wood slats. Feeders can be hung from the top-rail.

Each year the configuration of the pens may be changed due to exhibitor numbers, so there will not be any plywood hung up between beams as there previously was. Clubs will need to provide their own plywood, 2x4’s, and zip ties. In order to provide conformity in the barn, decorations cannot be higher than 8 feet tall. 2x4’s can be zip-tied to the back of the pens to hold up plywood. Signs will not be hung from the rafters above aisle way.

We look forward to an exciting Fair and to the changes in the barn. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pam Beierle and Heather Gallagher

Western Games

Please note the misprint for the Western Games: MUST be 6 years or older to participate.

Miniature horse department

*Premium book correction*

Miniature horse department Superintendents are Patty West and Lacey Vaughn, please contact them with questions concerning that department. 509-250-0226

Horse Exhibitors

Hello Horse Exhibitors!

Unfortunately, the 2017 Premium Book had a few errors in the Horse Department so hoping the information provided below will help answer questions.
We DO NOT have Cloverbuds or Novice in the Horse Department. Instead, all ages divisions are based on age reached before October 1st of the calendar year prior to the current Fair (e.g. before Oct. 1, 2016 for the 2017 Klickitat County Fair). Grade in school is NO LONGER used. Age by division is listed below:

- PeeWee: 6-8 years of age
- Junior: 8-10 years of age
- Intermediate: 11-13 years of age
- Senior: 14 to less than 19 years of age
- Adults: 19 year of age or older

Wednesday will be a HAUL IN and HAUL OUT DAY for Horses 5 & Under. No stalls will be provided. Vet Check will be at 9:00am by the Little Arena. Horses 5 & Under will show in the Little Arena only. Horses 5 & Under classes are as follows:

- LOT 13: Snaffle 5 & Under: Horse must be under 5 years of age by Fair. Horse to be shown at a walk, jog and lope both ways of ring, back and stand as directed.

- LOT: 14: In Hand Trail: Western OR English attire and tack. This class is judged on the performance of the horse over and through obstacles with emphasis on manners, response to the handler and attitude. Open to all riders:
- Class 56: YOUTH
- Class 57: ADULT

- LOT 16, Class 60: In Hand Obstacle Relay: This is a 4-person Lottery Draw. Open to all riders.

- LOT 17, Class 61: Class Horses 5 & Under: Showmanship

For exhibitors stalling all week here are the changes in classes:

- LOT 11: Discipline Rail. Discipline Rail IS A HIGH POINT CLASS.
- LOT 15: Ranch Horse Pleasure: NO PEEWEES
- LOT 16, CLASS 60: IHOR, In Hand Obstacle Relay

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Erika Beasley @ 773-3865
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